About me

Hi, I'm Jan. I'm the developer behind Focus. With some help of my brother Niels, I began the development of Focus in early 2015.

As you might assume, we are not a big company. Therefore the development of Focus is directly funded by your money. There is no VC, there will never be ads and I will not sell your data. This is important to know, because Focus is a high-quality, premium priced product that will evolve over time, adapt new technologies shortly and is never considered 'finished'. In short: Focus is here to stay.


About Focus

When I first started Focus, I felt the need for something that supports my daily work routine, something that is both fast and fluid, works across all my devices and most importantly something that helps me to stay productive over a long period of time.

By working in Focus sessions and taking breaks periodically, Focus aims to provide you with maximum focus and creative freshness, thereby allowing you to complete projects faster with less mental fatigue.

If you like Focus, please tell your friends and spread the word. The more people use Focus, the better it gets. My goal is to make Focus the best productivity timer available.

You can reach me directly at jan at focusapp.io

If you have questions about using Focus please write to support@focusapp.io