Blacklist - Block Distracting Websites, Stay Focused

What is Blacklist?

Blacklist let’s you block distracting websites for a certain amount of time. By preventing you from accessing sites that would interrupt your work (Facebook, Twitter, etc), Blacklist helps you stay focused on the important things.


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A program where you can test pre-release versions of Blacklist in order to provide us with real-world quality and usability feedback.


We want to collect feedback from our customers to improve the overall quality of our products. With your help, we can test in many different environments. Your feedback about your experience with our products will impact Blacklists future development.


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We select participants for specific product seeds based on the available slots and will open up the beta gradually. We can not guarantee that you will be selected to test Blacklist for iOS. An iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 9 or later with 64-bit CPU is required.