Introducing Focus 5.1

A real black mode, new app icons and styling options, better Siri Shortcuts, a new way to quickly change the session length and drag & drop support for OmniFocus, Focus 5.1 is packed full with new features and enhancements across the board.


New Styling Options


Focus 5.1 brings new options to style the whole app: a real black background that looks gorgeous on iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, a wide variety of main theming colors to customize the whole appearance of Focus and a matching set of app icons to choose from.

Enhanced Drag & Drop: OmniFocus, Mail and Safari Backlinks


Focus 5.1 includes new backlinks to quickly access the original task, mail or website. When you drag a task from OmniFocus over to Focus, a little icon will appear next to the task name. Simply tap / click on it to see the original task in OmniFocus. The same works for Mail and Safari.

Enhanced Siri Shortcuts and Apple Watch Support

Focus 5.1 now features different shortcuts to start a working session or a break and these new Shortcuts will work from Apple Watch, too.

Quickly Change the Session Duration

Focus 5.1 includes a new way to quickly change the work session or break length: just do a two finger swipe up or down on the timer to change the default session length. The new duration will be remembered for all future sessions of that type.


Focus 5.1 also brings improvements to Apple Watch syncing, better notification handling and performance improvements.



Download Focus for iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch


Download Focus for Mac