Home Office With Focus

Be more productive when working from home:
with Focus and Filter for Mac and iOS, you can tackle the most common productivity pitfalls.




Your Time Management Companion

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Website and App Blocker for Mac


Shut out digital distractions for a certain amount of time. With Filter you can block apps and websites in Safari, Opera, Edge und Brave.

Work with the help of a timer in intervals of focussed work, called Focus Sessions. Get reminded to take regular breaks and maintain your energy and focus throughout the day.


—> Have a more structured workday

—> Find a good and healthy workflow

—> Track your time

—> Stay motivated with daily goals


—> Block distraction

—> Save time

—> Find the focus you’ll need to be successful


A Successful Remote Workday
With 6 years of experience and more than 1 million downloads, we helped many people better organize their time. Based on the feedback from thousands of happy customers,
we’ve figured out a great way to live a more productive work life:


Plan Your Day With Focus

Take five minutes in the morning to enter the most important tasks for today in Focus.
This provides you with the clarity you’ll need to be productive.

Set a Daily Time Goal
Define a time goal (for example: 2 hours of concentrated work) or a session goal
(for example 4 sessions à 25 minutes of concentrated work). You can see your progress in the activity. This keeps you motivated and on track.

Start Blocking Distractions With Filter

Next, lock out distracting websites and apps by starting Filter.
This helps you to strengthen your self-control, so that you do not need to work longer
hours to catch up for the time lost on distractions.

Work With Focus

You’ll start working on a task with a timer which will remind you to take regular breaks. 
It has been proven to be more efficient to work for intervals of 25-90 minutes followed by a short break (5-10 minutes). Leave your desk for a brief time, take a stretch, grab a cup of coffee or relax briefly before focussing again.

Taking breaks regularly will boost your productivity, improve your ability to concentrate and lower your stress level throughout the day.

Track Your Working Time With Focus

Staying motivated when working remotely can be tough. But as we humans love progress, you can make this trait work for you. Set yourself a (realistic) goal of focussed time for the day and track the progress towards this goal in the Focus Activity. 

A good goal for starters could be 2 hours of highly focussed work and you might gradually increase it to 4 hours. At the end of the day, you can check your stats in the Activity and feel good about what you’ve accomplished today.