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Focus is a beautiful and effective time management / pomodoro app for Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Focus lets you break down your work time into smaller intervals. Truly focus on a single task for a short interval of time and renew your energy with breaks. It’s the best way to organize your work, stay motivated throughout the day and have a more productive work life.

Focus integrates task management and time tracking in a unique way, offering  valuable activity insights that will help you review your progress for each day, week and month. All this while being perfectly in sync on all devices, creating an unmatched experience. 


What makes Focus unique?

  • Focus comes with a beautiful look & feel while adapting to features unique to each device/platform

  • available for Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

  • state-of-the-art cloud sync that is fast and reliable

  • deep platform integration: all apps are developed to run natively and to take advantage of features available on their respective device/system

  • completely independent Apple Watch app


Why should you write about Focus?

  • Being organized and  time efficient is more important than ever; an increasing number of people are looking for tools/ways that will help them make better use of their time

  • Focus combines these things in a unique and powerful way

  • It’s the only solution that works across all Apple devices and is a joy to use: zero setup, no account creation required, everything works right outside the box

  • We value privacy: nothing will be stored on our servers, everything is secure and users have complete control over their content (Focus is GDPR compliant for all users worldwide)

  • We have been working in this area for years and are dedicated in delivering the best possible app, not the cheapest one

  • We are in for the long term: our business model allows us to sustainably fund the development of new features, adapt to the latest in hardware and software quickly and maintain a high level of quality. Your audience will value a solution that will be well maintained for years to come


Additional Features

  • Siri Shortcuts with support for custom phrases and predictions

  • Handoff to switch devices easily (e.g. open Focus on your Apple Watch and a little icon will appear on your Mac to continue your activity there)

  • Today Widget

  • Activity comparisons for days, weeks and months

  • Daily activity summary

  • action extension to create new tasks with the system share sheet

  • rich notifications with actions (e.g. start a break after a Focus session has finished right from the notification without opening the app)

  • one subscription for all devices and platforms


Available languages

  • English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and simplified Chinese



  • Focus offers two subscription options: Focus Monthly at $4.99/month and Focus Yearly at $39.99/year

  • The subscription unlocks all features on every device

  • A free trial is available


System Requirements

  • macOS 10.12 Sierra and later

  • iOS 11 & watchOS 4 and later


Our Story

When we were university students a few years ago, we often felt that it was difficult to start working on a new thing, block everything else out, and stay motivated over a long period of time. We tried several approaches and different apps. Although they were interesting in their own way, none were really effective.

Today, the idea to create a tool that would help people be more productive has become the driving force behind our work.

With Focus, we set out to build a solution that not only helps you manage your time, but also lets you organize your work and offers in-depth insights of your progress.

The first version of Focus was released December 2013 on the Mac App Store. After a very positive initial launch and several App Store features, Focus for iOS was released in April 2015 with support for the first Apple Watch. In late 2018 Focus received it’s biggest update yet with support for iOS 12, watchOS 5 and macOS Mojave.

Designed to support your daily work routine, we are especially proud that Focus runs on all Apple platforms, keeps everything in sync, and offers a great experience.

We hope for Focus to improve people’s work life and ultimately make them more productive.

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