Finding the Right Daily Session Goal

It is sometimes hard to stay on track and stay motivated. That is where comes in Focus's activity area where you can see what you have accomplished. You have a monthly, weekly and daily overview where you can compare your performance. Another helpful tool to keep yourself motivated is to set a daily session goal. You can do so in the Preferences/ Settings > Activity.


If you are struggling to concentrate at the moment and if you’re new to working in intervals, give yourself an easy start and set a goal of 2 or 3 Focus sessions a day. This may seem to be too little for a day, but consider those sessions for working on tasks which require a high level of focus. You can continue working on other less energy intensive tasks for the rest of the day in your usual manner. After a while, you’ll be able to concentrate longer and you can increase your daily session goal accordingly. 

Most people are able to deeply concentrate for about 4 hours a day. So if you complete about 5 to 6 Focus sessions a day you’re doing good and if you even make it to 7 or 8 Focus Sessions, you’re doing really great.

A session length of 25 minutes is perfect to get started and to get used to working focused. When you are getting better at concentrating, you might want to increase the session length. Some people prefer to work for 50 minutes separated by 10 minutes breaks, completing 3 or 4 Focus sessions a day. Try and see what fits your needs best.


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