Planning Your Workday: Tips and Tricks


Many of us feel overwhelmed when we look at our tasks in the big picture. Fortunately, by planning your workday, you may be able to accomplish all your tasks in a timely fashion. Here we give you five tips in order to boost your productivity.

  1. Make a list of tasks that you wish to complete. These can range from answering your emails, start that project you want done by next month to studying for your final French exam. No task is too big or small to be included on this list, since your intention is, allocate your time correctly and efficiently in order to finish those tasks. 
  2. Order your tasks by importance. What absolutely needs to be done today? You might ask yourself, what would I want to accomplish today, if I would leave for a vacation tomorrow?
  3. Schedule your day according to your priorities. You will want to finish some tasks as soon as possible. It is best to tackle tasks that are more complicated in the morning, when you can invest your best mental energy. Most people seem to lose some of their steam after their lunch, so try to schedule lesser priorities then.
  4. Know thyself. This old proverb could not be truer than when you have to work. Find out your most productive time of the day and reserve it to work with focus. Place meetings, phone calls and tasks that require less concentration to other times of your workday.

   5.   Customize the session length to fit the nature of task. 

Different tasks might require different length of focus. An input task such as learning vocabulary usually depletes your concentration faster than an output one, such as writing an article for example. For tasks which require more concentration, a session length of 25 minutes separated by 5-minute breaks works fine. In other tasks where you get inmersed, a session length of 50 or 60 minutes followed by a longer 10 minutes break can be more suitable. You can experiment with the session length to find what fits your needs best.

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