Is There a Way to Get Focus Notifications in DND Mode?

A lot of people like turning on the Do-Not-Disturb (DND) mode while working. The DND mode silences all notifications and calls that you get while your device is locked, so that you can focus on your work. It would be great to block notifications during Focus sessions and still get the session-finished notifications at the end of each Focus session. However, DND silences all notifications, Focus‘s notifications included. Is there a way to get Focus‘s notifications in DND mode?

Unfortunately, no. 

We have no access to modify DND mode within our app, so we cannot turn on DND mode during sessions and off at the end to alert you that your Focus session has finished.

There are two workarounds to block distracting notifications, but still get Focus‘s notifications:

  1. Do not use DND mode and instead disable disturbing notifications manually in the settings: Go to  System Settings (or System Preferences on your Mac) > go to Notifications and disable notifications for each app separately. Only enable notifications for apps which you need for your work.
  2. On your Mac, change the notification style of Focus to „Fullscreen Notification“. You can change the notification style for Focus in the Focus Preferences > Notifications. With the style „Fullscreen Notifications“ selected, those notifications will appear when DND mode is enabled on your Mac.


About Do Not Disturb mode:

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