This page is for developers who want to support interacting with Focus from their apps.


In addition to support for the Share button, Focus has a URI scheme that developers can use to communicate with Focus from their apps. It’s supported on iOS and OS X.



Here’s the schema for communicating with Focus via URI:



Available commands are


open-task  (parameter 1 = name (optional), parameter 2 = note (optional))

add-task (parameter 1 = name (required), parameter 2 = note (optional))

The open-task command displays the task entry window pre-filled with the passed parameters. The add-task command adds a task directly to Focus.




You can just open this as a URL in Safari to check if it's working: focusapp://open-task?name=Read%20chapter%204&note=Pages%20304-328


With Focus for iOS 1.4.1 and Focus for Mac 3.2 it's possible to concatenate multiple tasks with the add-task command (name parameter is still required, note is optional) with '&'.




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